You've reached the voice mailbox of Inherently Optimistic. Watch and listen closely as Jacob, his only tinder match, Liv, and their many cohorts  feverishly attempt to be funny on the internet. Maybe they will succeed, and forget about the approaching void for just a little longer! Current events? White hot love making? Subtle microaggressions against your race? Everything is on the table my friend! So, if you are tired of podcasts that just keep delivering all that pesky quality content at a professional level, strap in stranger because we might just be the show for you!


Your hosts are:

Jacob, "Idea Guy"

Talentless hack, uneducated townie and all around generally disappointing Washington native.
When he isn't busy riding off the coat tales of his much funnier friends, he can usually be found at his day job, 
impersonating Halloween decorations. 


The Muscle

Future DILF, current aspiring stand up comedian and past lunar cultist David is only here for twitter followers. This picture looks like it was taken in prison, but he is confident that it was not.



Eat, Pray, Liv

What is she praying for? A quick death.
Liv is a hardcore, punk rock sex icon from the frigid outlands of Colorado. Drawn to the Pacific Northwest with a powerful lust
to feel normal with facial piercings, she wanders the evergreen forests in search of her next victim.